halloween: all honor to the gourd.

That time of year is upon us. Gourds have reached the stores! I got down to carving one of those big orange ones last night in preparation for some good ole seed roasting this weekend. I’m thinking I’ll do a combination of olive oil, salt, pepper and then…cumin, cayenne, ginger and Worcestershire. (Wishing I had some of your Penzey’s, LG.)

Between two pumpkins, I should have enough seeds to top a spinach salad and to make pumpkin seed salsa for a Halloween party at work. Recipes and results to follow after the weekend. Happy cooking, LG! What’s on your menu?

Thanks to David for his help with the vamp pumpkin.



my skull

my skull


One response to “halloween: all honor to the gourd.

  1. Emily, great carving jobs! I bet cutting the teeth on the skull was tedious work. I haven’t yet settled on my jack ‘o lantern designs…maybe the two presidential candidates? Probably beyond my expertise, haha.

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