Food baby

Let us celebrate the joyous occasion of the birth of my first blog. My food baby.

It is starting to get chilly here in Texas (translation: 75 degrees), so I celebrated this past weekend by turning the A/C wayyyyy down, and making some good ole fashioned fall comfort food. First up was SmittenKitchen’s mom’s apple cake.

Pretty, huh?

I followed the recipe all the way through, besides going with a different variety of apple (dang McIntosh were expensive!). I did not use my mixer, although I would suggest that it be used- unless you are looking to incorporate your arms workout for the day into your baking. The batter is pretty thick until you add the eggs. Recipe can be found here.

Next up was one of my old standbys. Creamy Tomato Balsamic soup from Cooking Light. Also known as, the sole reason why I want an immersion blender. I pretty much love anything that has balsamic in it. Beware: you will need a good potscrubbing setting on your dishwasher for those pyrex dishes. That caramelization will do a number on them. Here is the recipe.

And what goes with tomato soup? Grilled cheese please. It’s even better on Central Market sourdough with real Wisconsin cheddar.

Stay tuned for more. This will be another ghost weekend of spending too much money at Central Market AND a potentially life changing brunch on Sunday. Foodie fun ahead!


3 responses to “Food baby

  1. Ok , Miss Laura, now that I’ve seen a photo of that apple cake I’m expecting you to bake one for the fam at T’giving! Looks beautiful! And I’ve been looking for that soup recipe…thanks!

  2. Apple cake!! Very impressive indeed…when you make this for your fam…just send a slice or two down the street.

  3. I want that grilled cheese.

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