Flank steak = FAIL

I typically have high hopes for any form of carne that crosses my path. Flank steak is a cut that I am not very familiar with, other than the fact that it seems like it is in every other Cooking Light recipe (that and pork tenderloin).  I’ve always heard that it is a close relative to shoe leather, and of course that challenged me to prove that theory wrong. This particular recipe is from Cooking Light (shocker), and got really good reviews for its sauce, so I thought it would be the perfect recipe to test drive flank steak on.

Poor gal’s broiler pan

When it was all said and done, I went as rare as I could go- basically it was still mooing. It STILL closely resembled leather. Unfortunately, the sauce failed to redeem this recipe. It was a fail as well. Not bad per say, but shiitake mushrooms aren’t cheap, so it better be impressive if I’m spending $5 for those suckers. Oh, and I bought an extra package of shiitakes; so Em, if you have any recipe ideas, throw ’em my way. Here’s a picture of dinner anyway (looks a lot better than it tastes):

I should probably learn how to center pictures.

I had planned on making brown rice to soak up the sauce, but completely forgot. Also I wasn’t totally starving because of my fabulous brunch!

Dad and I went to Jasper’s in The Woodlands during his layover in Houston. He had the Flat Iron steak and eggs, and I had the prosciutto wrapped shrimp and grits. I had the Butterfinger creme brulee for dessert and Dad had a trio of gelato flavors. I don’t know that I’d make a special trip for it, but it was nice to have a good excuse to head out to the ‘burbs to test it out.


3 responses to “Flank steak = FAIL

  1. Maybe it’s genetic: flank steak is my nemesis. Once Dad grilled some flank steak really rare, after it had been marinating 24 hrs in soy sauce/worcestershire etc and it was marginally tender. Well, correction, it wasn’t horribly tough. I don’t get it! Why?

  2. Don’t forget my Bloody Mary at Jasper’s!! :)

    Also, I might suggest that my gelato flavor combination probably wasn’t one I’d repeat: espresso, blackberry, and lime. I guess that’s why the chef usually selects the trio and doesn’t leave it up to amateurs like ME.

    Re: flank steak, maybe flank steak needs 48 or 72 hour marinating? 24 made it marginally tender; could more hours make it better?

  3. Flank steak is so hard to figure out, one thing that I have found that “helps” is to let it rest for a while before cutting and making sure you are cutting against the grain.

    You indeed need a banging sauce to make flank steak worth the time and effort. I found this really good chimi churi recipe from RR once and it turned out fair.

    Ohh to be able to afford filet every time… or at least a nice sirloin, right?

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