The Other Other White Meat

I finally made it to The Pit this past week for some Q. This is downtown Raleigh’s fancy BBQ establishment started by Pitmaster Ed Mitchell. He’s quite famous in the Q Community.

After over-stalking the menu I was feeling pretty indecisive. What if I made a “wrong” choice (probably impossible)? The waitress steered me away from the $27 Family Style feast for one (moi), leaving these top contenders: Chopped Whole Hog (the classic), Fried Catfish (mixing it up), Fried Chicken (always good) or BBQ Turkey (a tempting alternative to pig).

Friends ordered the chopped pork, baby back ribs and pork shoulder, so I took a chance on the bbq bird. The next difficult decision: sides. Oh glory, this is what makes a bbq meal. Hush puppies and biscuits were covered—they came in baskets before the meal. Slaw was included. The marinated beets were not listed on the printed menu at the table, and the waitress mentioned the kitchen had whipped up some green bean casserole. Given this info, I went for these can’t-go-wrong, yummy choices: baked beans and the sweet potato fries.

Turkey Q

Hhheeey Turkey Q

The meal was fabulous, and I truly over-did it. Ate to capacity. The turkey was tender and smokey, and moist with the vinegar-based sauce (my preference and perfect for draggin’ a hushpuppy through). The molasses-based sauce held its own, too.

Here’s the proof.

killed it.

killed it.


2 responses to “The Other Other White Meat

  1. That empty plate is impressive.

  2. mmmmmmmmm. that Q was delish!!! and i am also quite impressed with your empty plate. although, there is still some sauce that your draggin biscut failed to sop up.

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