Eyes < Stomach

I‘ve had some pretty promising foodstalking opportunities lately, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to adjust to my new, bloggy self and bring a camera with me. I picked up a Chocolate Chai cupcake today from The Path of Tea, a local tea shop (I know, strange place for a cupcake). I have read several times that they make some of the best cupcakes in town, and since I happened to pass by it while running errands, I thought I’d give it a try. Too bad I remembered to take a picture only after I devoured the yummy morsel in 3 bites. The cake was a little on the dry side, but the icing was amazing. Sweet- but not too sweet- and plenty of delicious chai spices. I’m on a mission to recreate the recipe at home. I think I could do the cake part better than they did. After doing some research, I found a recipe for Chai buttercream icing that requires you to make your own chai spice mixture. No big deal, except for the fact that it has FENNEL in the mix. Excuse me? If I could have a spice nemesis, it would be fennel. Or maybe dried dill. Either way, I refuse to believe there is fennel in my beloved chai tea!

Chocolate Chai Cupcake- past tenseThe remains

Earlier this week, I picked up a burger for dinner from one of my favorite places in Houston- Christian’s Tailgate. The location I frequent is a total dive bar- just picture the fact that I was the only female in there at the time, besides the biker chick taking orders (they also have a yuppie-fied Midtown location… but do yuppies know good carne? I think not). Once again, no picture, because I tend to forget these things when there is a huge hunk of beef waiting to be eaten. Their onion rings are top-notch too.

I’m having a hard time getting recipe inspiration for this week. Suggestions are welcome!


2 responses to “Eyes < Stomach

  1. Hey, just this morning I was thinking about those great burgers we had at Christian’s when Dad and I visited!

    How uncool am I that I have never had chai tea, much less chai anything else.

  2. Laura turned me on to the chai tea when we were in DC last December. I was very surprised how much I liked it. It has a “viscosity” (my traditional term for a “fullness/thickness” trait in a potable liquid. I don’t usually use it to describe wine, which has plenty of weird adjectives already. The word is most commonly associated with motor oil, which I don’t typically drink) that is very different from most hot teas I’ve consumed. Very tasty.

    I call the place Christian’s Tote-Em. Good memories of great burgers and hospitality!

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