Thaime of My Life—Thaiphoon Bistro

That will be my only remark on the name of the Thai establishment located in Glenwood South just across from work. I went with a friend for the Chicken Pad Thai lunch special ($9) since dinner entrée prices are fairly steep. I did myself a favor by cutting myself off half-way through the noodles to avoid the lunchtime coma. But don’t mistake that as a review of the food because the Chicken Pad Thai was indeed the jam. And I have leftovers.

chicken pad thai...a thaiphoon specialty

chicken pad thai...a thaiphoon specialty

One of the best parts about this meal is that you get to play with your food! Squeeze the lime, sprinkle on peanuts (all), chili flakes (lots) and sprouts (mmmm more crunch!) as desired. I cannot pretend to know that much about Thai cuisine, the authenticity or the bold flavors, but I’ll provide the quick overview: yummy, gummy noodles (not slippery), tossed in a delicious peanut/fish/chili/sweet sauce, green onions and even some crispy green bean spears. I added chicken for the protein and texture, though in flavor, it was just there, really. The menu indicates spiciness of dishes, the Pad Thai’s being mild, so I asked to kick it up to medium. The kitchen was happy to accommodate. On the side—a romaine salad with sweet peanut dressing! This meal deserves high marks for flavor, serving size, price and spice. At dinner, I would recommend the Grilled Beef Salad (with tender flank steak). It is wickedly nose-running spicy.

Thaiphoon also earns high marks for ambiance. That’s right. Ambiance. Check out their site to get an idea of the decor. They successfully combine traditional Asian with modern elements. A DVD case holds the food menu, and the drink list is displayed on records like track listings. And I love love love the flatware and water pitchers. And lanterns. And the orange.

© 2008 thaiphoon bistro

© 2008 thaiphoon bistro


One response to “Thaime of My Life—Thaiphoon Bistro

  1. I commend you for not making more puns with “Thai” in them. ;)

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