A month’s worth of eating

Once again, we have been bad blog parents. Please forgive. Here are some of my foodie adventures over the month of December…

dsc01917You’re probably wondering, “what kind of reindeer are those?” Nice try, but haven’t you heard of the Christmas dachshund? No? How are they not festive for all occasions?! Here is batch #1 of the wiener cookies right out of the oven. For the dough, I used a recipe for Cinnamon Sugar cookies instead of just your average sugar. It added a nice kick to an otherwise boring cookie, in my opinion. I whipped up an icing “paste” out of powdered sugar, milk, and vanilla so the sprinkles would adhere to the cookies. I gave up on wiener dogs before long because they all looked like they had tumors. 


dsc01924This is art.

I only took pictures of one foodstalking adventure while I was in Birmingham! On Friday night, we went to Davenport’s, aka my favorite place ever (I am truly convinced this is some of the best pizza to be found, anywhere). I didn’t have my camera with me at the time, but I definitely remembered to snap a picture of the leftovers. 

dsc01980Good things come in this bag.

dsc01986This is what we had leftover. Allie and Zack’s cheese, and my favorite combo of pepperoni, mushrooms, and black olives. This picture totally doesn’t do it justice, but the crust on this pizza is amazing. It tastes like a saltine cracker, and is cut into these dangerously small, oh-I’ll-just-have-one-more pieces. My dad has decided that it is best appreciated with minimal toppings. I concur. Too many and the thin crust gets weighed down and dare I say: soggy. Davenport’s receives criticism for using canned mushrooms instead of fresh. I am okay with this practice, as I think that fresh mushrooms can dry out on top of a pizza. By using canned, the ‘shrooms come off as more of a meat than a fungus. 

Some other favorite B’ham spots that I hit up while in town: Urban Standard (o.m.g. their grilled cheese with balasmic jam), Taziki’s, and Rojo. There are many more places I would have loved to go, but alas I’ll have to wait until next time. 

I have to include this next mention. My little foodstalking pup got some pretty cool treats in her stocking this year:

dsc01989These are dog treats! The “wasabi” is edible! 



2 responses to “A month’s worth of eating

  1. Hey Laura,
    Well, I guess if you had a “pretty” dachshund to use as your cookie model, they might have turned out differently ;)
    So good to see you and glad you told me about your blog. I told Z-man his name was in print!
    Wish I had some of that leftover pizza about now…the pickins are slim here in L.A.!
    XXOO Auntie M

  2. So that’s where that leftover pizza went!
    Here’s a project: replicate the Davenport’s crust. It’s so unusual…and yummy.

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