Five Star = 60% true.

This will be brief. Isn’t that how bad briefings usually start?

The Wednesday dinner group attended Five Star for “sophisticated Asian dining.” The restaurant is located in Raleigh’s Warehouse District, and thus retrofitted to a large, brick, lofted tobacco warehouse space. There are paper lanterns hanging over the dance floor(?) by the DJ booth(?) in the bar side of the restaurant with the projector screen(?).  I think we’re on to something. FIVE STAR RESTAURANT IS ACTUALLY A CLUB.

I stalked the menu beforehand, and it seemed  promising. I ordered the Won Ton Soup and Vegetable Lo Mein.

won ton comfort food

won ton comfort food

veggie lo mein

veggie lo mein in a star bowl

The won tons were pretty al dente, but the pork filling was superbly tasty and the fresh scallions topped it off with a punch. But best of all, when the soup arrived at the table, the broth was poured over the won tons from a pitcher. Nice presentation, and unexpected. Soup gets 4 stars.

The noodles were slippery and smothered in sauce as you’d come to expect. This did not blow me away. Saucy noodles, however, did not conceal a fair amount of well-cooked veggies. The broccoli was perfect, not too raw, but not soggy, and slightly grilled. Snow peas, carrots, green and orange bell peppers, onions and mushrooms rounded out the vegetable mix. Lo Mein gets 2 stars.

That’s an average of 3 stars, and a mere 60% of their working restaurant title. FAIL. Service did not earn “Five Star” any extra points. No need to elaborate here.

I would consider Three Star again if I were in the market for over-priced take-out, a food binge or better yet a dance party. I’ll try Red Dragon next time. Or Golden China.


One response to “Five Star = 60% true.

  1. That’s three more stars than I’d give …

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