Foodstalkin’ with my feet ten feet off of Beale

Last weekend, I headed to Memphis with my college friends to celebrate Taylor’s last hurrah as a single lady. While the main focus of this trip was not eating (although what trip of mine isn’t focused on food?), I managed to sneak in several really good meals. Here are some of my favorites:

Thursday night we celebrated Caroline and Kate’s birthdays with a yummy homemade meal of grilled chicken thighs served over sauteed spinach and cheese grits. It was so delicious- in fact, I’m thinking about attempting to recreate it this weekend. We finished the meal with the cutest cake ever. I’m so mad I didn’t get a picture of the whole cake, because it was freakin’ adorable. It was the Cindy Lou Who cake from Muddy’s Bake Shop. I googled the bakery name last night to find the website, and ended up spending way too much time reading through the owner’s blog. It reminded me how much I would love to do something like open a bakery! Maybe one day…

Cindy Lou Who Cake

Cindy Lou Who

Friday night we capped off KB’s art show with drinks and bar food at Bardog Tavern. Most of the table had some form of the grilled cheese. I got mine with tomato bisque. There really is nothing better than a grilled cheese, in my opinion. It was especially good on this super chilly night. The tomato bisque was thicker than most, which I liked. It was served in a mug with big croutons to sop up that sweet nectar.

Mmm mmm good

Mmm mmm good

Saturday night was the main event. With hot pink wigs on our heads, we headed over to Spindini’s. We got some pretty hilarious looks as we walked into the restaurant. We started off with the Tuscan Butter- which tasted just like an appetizer served at the now defunct River Market and Deli- and also the fried calamari. The Tuscan Butter consisted of marscapone, goat cheese, and marinara, and is served with toast rounds. I remember that the River Market and Deli appetizer was a spread of marinara and montrachet cheese. They taste so similar to each other.

Doesn't look too appetizing, but looks are deceiving

Doesn't look too appetizing, but looks are deceiving


For the main course, the group split four different pizzas (and it was totally overkill- we had way too much food due to my eyes being much bigger than my stomach). Our pizzas, in order of my preference:


1. Lobster Pizza

2. Margherita Pizza (didn’t get a picture of this one, but I’m sure you get the idea)


3. White Pizza


4. Pesto Pizza

The lobster was so good. I loved the bacon and aioli on top. It was definitely unique, but not nearly as heavy as it sounds.

The margherita was pretty standard- how can you go wrong with the classic?

Loved the arugula on the white pizza.

The pesto was a little much. There were too many red onions hanging out.

There were a couple of meals that I didn’t get to take a picture of, but that were good nonetheless. When we all arrived on Thursday, we grabbed lunch at Huey’s. They have good burgers and a fun atmosphere.

This was the first time I’ve been to Memphis without getting BBQ. Nuts! For the record, I prefer Rendezvous (I think I have only had Corky’s and Rendezvous though). Let the debate begin…


2 responses to “Foodstalkin’ with my feet ten feet off of Beale

  1. LG! You nailed Memphis. I’m impressed. You covered a lot of ground, from home-cooked meals, sweets, pizzas, burgers! All of the essentials.
    And I am salivating over the pizzas. GOOD GOSH.

    OH, and Tuscan Butter? Bwhahahaha. I love the name.

  2. DEBATE BEGINS HERE. I wish you could’ve had Corky’s back in the day when they had only one place, on Poplar I believe. I would wait an hour sometimes sitting on those wooden benches for a table…and I’d have waited another hour more to get to some of those dry ribs…but a few years ago I took some coworkers from DC to one of the “locations” in Little Rock…and Corky’s really let me down there. My coworkers weren’t impressed and wondered what all my hype of Corky’s was about…I got the sense they felt that they get better ribs back in DC at Red Hot & Blue. And on that day at least I think they’d be right. I should’ve known when I saw the Corky’s sign at the Memphis airport that good things don’t last forever. I’ll agree that Rendevous has the ambience, and the location…and maybe today, in a taste test, I might even pick Rendevous. But not back when. PS can you please arrange just such a taste test for your pere? :)

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