Advertisers=2, Miss Em=0

Gah. I totally fell for advertiser shenanigans this weekend. I attribute my failure to the above-average amount of television I’ve been watching (mostly NCAA basketball, Jeopardy and 30 Rock). Basketball is just about the only thing I watch live, so I’m bound to catch a Red Lobster commercial now and again (for more on this, ask me about Valentine’s Day 2006). Red Lobster also buys time during Jeopardy—blast! As for 30 Rock, the writers have had a comfortable relationship with their advertisers in the past (Snapple, SoyJoy, Verizon and I assumed McDonald’s). Turns out that whole McFlurry product intergortion was not paid placement.

[IF you care about that part of the debate you can read more here (advertising age) here (gawker) and here (new york mag).]

the best dessert in the word against a backdrop of scandal

"the world's greatest dessert" against a backdrop of scandal

1.  +1 Point: The McFlurry

I’ve always loved the DQ Blizzard, a Cook Out shake or a Wendy’s Frosty. The McFlurry has never been in the same realm of competition…until the 30 Rock episode that featured “the world’s greatest dessert.” I ordered the small Oreo McFlurry. First, the ratio of soft-serve ice cream to cookie crumbles was ideal. Another thing I love is the multipurpose spoon/blender attachment. No clean-up for Mickey D’s. It must have been more profitable to make 80 billion spoon/blender attachments, plus 8 billion specially designed blenders than to use regular blenders, wash the blender apparati and use regular spoons. GAH!

2.  +1 Point: Red Lobster

You did it again, buttery cheddar garlic biscuits, lemon squeezing over lobster, succulent shrimpers being dipped, piping hot potatoes. I crave you every time I see your beady-eyed commercial during the game. But rather than venture to your establishment, I ventured into ever dangerous territory: learning the biscuit recipe. Turns out it’s very easy to replicate perfectly these lil darlings. I went the really easy route, needing only these ingredients: Jiffy baking mix (I’ve used this for pancakes in the past), skim milk, cheddar cheese, salt, pepper, margarine, garlic powder (and I added fresh thyme and garlic). You could substitute chives, parsley, dill, or just about any other green herb that you had on hand. It adds nice color and a hint of flavor.

a semi-homemade approach

a semi-homemade approach



give it a good mix

give it a good 30-second mix

drop biscuits, 8 total

drop biscuits, 8 total

fresh out the oven

fresh out the oven

paint the biscuits

paint the biscuits with melted margarine & garlic powder



So in summary, I got poned by Red Lobster and Ray Kroc via Tina Fey this weekend. But ’twas delicious, and I believe you’ll enjoy, too. Go to your nearest Red Lobster or McDonald’s NOW. (Can I have my money now?) ;)


One response to “Advertisers=2, Miss Em=0

  1. You’re on the right track. Make sure to mix your bisuits with ice-cold water but don’t overwork your dough. We don’t use milk. Convection oven runs just over 400. Bake 10 min, rotate after 5 min. Good luck!

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