Biscuitville: Breakfast of Champions

country ham biscuit, country fries, iced tea

It is with great pleasure that I return to foodstalkers from quite the hiatus with a rund0wn on one of my favorite places on the planet: Biscuitville. It never occurred to be that this is a funny name because I grew up going here all the time with my family. We usually hit up the drive through at the octagonal B-ville on Rockwood-ONeal in Burlington. Or when I was in high school, my mom would pick up breakfast here some weekdays. It remains our standard breakfast before church on Sundays.

Aaaaand I think one of my teacher’s may have bumped a friend’s World History grade after being bribed with Biscuitville biscuits.

Our sweet family dog, Murphy—a corgi, even recognized Biscuitville’s brown bags. She knew there were dog biscuits inside! Murphy would dance backwards as my mom shuffled in the door with the goods. (B-ville’s home-made doggy biscuits look to be made of the same batter as the people biscuits, but they’re harder, and shaped like dog bones. Just ask for some. They’re always offered at the drive through if your pup’s riding along.)

octagonal biscuitville

the biscuitville that raised me (also, a gold mine)

So, why do I keep going back to Biscuitville?

1. They are breakfast focused. Their hours are usually 5 or 6am – 2pm. And their menu is strictly breakfast food. You’re not going to find dirty rice or mashed potatoes here (yeah, I’m looking at you Bo’s). Biscuitville’s menu covers all varieties of biscuits (ham, sausage, cheese, egg, butter, fried chicken, pork chop, gravy, steak, bacon) and platters with eggs, grits, oatmeal, muffins, pancakes. But really, I’ve gotten a platter maybe twice in all the years of frequenting Biscuitville. Just go straight to the biscuits. And don’t look back.

2. The friendly people. I usually don’t comment too extensively on a restaurant’s staff. But Biscuitville is exceptional, and it is so at every location I’ve ever been. The folks are always cheerful and working hard. Even though their franchise has expanded across North Carolina/Virginia, each restaurant has a local neighborhood feel.

3. The biscuit making window. Every Biscuitville has a window near the ordering counter where you can watch a batch of biscuits being mixed and hand-cut. They’re fresh!

4. The sweet tea, though I usually order unsweet and add Sweet-N-Low. It goes great with their salty country ham I adore so much.

5. Their story. A breadstore and a restaurant, Pizzaville, were Biscuitville’s predecessors. The owner, a former flour broker, wanted to make use of the pizza ovens in the morning, so he started making biscuits. And soon enough, biscuits were becoming more popular than the pizzas. So Biscuitville took over and the rest is history.

country ham biscuit - a southern favorite

country fries—potato wedges with some spicy, salty seasoning

That’s my standard order. The #5 combo: Country Ham Biscuit with Country Fries (you can also get grits of a hashbrown) and unsweet tea. I usually get a packet of Smucker’s strawberry jelly. You’d be surprised how nice the sweet jelly is with the salty ham…for just a few bites.

Yum! After this breakfast, you’ll be ready to take on the day. Or conquer a quick nap.


12 responses to “Biscuitville: Breakfast of Champions

  1. I am dying over this. I used to go to Biscuitville with my Grandparents in Asheboro! I need some country ham in my belly now!

  2. Glad you like it! I think every Biscuitville lover has his own memories and traditions. And it IS very popular with the older folks. At the location I went to growing up in Burlington, there was a group of old timers that met just about everyday for coffee and a biscuit. So sweet.

  3. Mmmm…country ham. Not much I like better that that. So my questions are: how’s the coffee? how’s the orange juice? (Tropicana in a plastic bottle? Tropicana in a glass bottle? Fresh squeezed? None of the above?)

  4. LG’s Pere, you point out some holes in my research! The coffee is great. Two simple options: caf or decaf. But I’ve never had their OJ. I have a vague memory of it being one of those brands that comes in a ridiculous plastic cup with an aluminum, peel-back top.

  5. So…It made my heart sing to hear such high praises today of our product and good ‘ole Southern hospitality! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Oh, and the seriously ridiculous plastic OJ cups are history and now we serve 100% Florida OJ! embalog….if I can ever be of service…please just let me know! Would love to have you on our feedback team!

    Love, Peace & Bacon Grease….

    Kellie Hicks…BV’s brand guru

  6. The pleasure is mine, Kellie! Thanks!

  7. OK, that’s all I need to hear! Country ham, real Florida OJ, Bacon grease, 5AM opening: next time I’m in the Carolinas I’m hunting one down!

    And what great management they have to find your post and leave such a wonderful comment.

    We need these down in Bamalama.

  8. You must try Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen in Chapel Hill – YUM!!! It’s a tiny drive-thru place on East Franklin St and such a treat! The fried steak and egg biscuit is delish. I also enjoy the fried chicken biscuit and sausage and egg biscuit. They are huge, filling, and yummy!!

  9. Seriously, Em? I am crying here in Texas where there are no Biscuitvilles to be had. There is nothing like it. I can’t tell you how many times I ate there while I was home for Christmas. Glad to see you shout out to a Bur-vegas staple!

  10. Leslie—I love Sunrise Biscuit! It’s a good indication that the food’s good when the drive through traffic wraps around the building and down Franklin Street.

    And Laura, I’m sorry to tease. I know you miss these biscuits. Did you notice Kellie’s comment above? She works for Biscuitville. Hey Kellie—Biscuitvilles have been requested in Birmingham, AL, and Austin, TX. Let’s expand the Biscuit Empire!

  11. I didn’t know they had fries at biscuitville.

    I always get the chicken biscuit & sweet tea.

  12. T Willigans

    This looks nasty

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