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LG and Miss Em became friends while interning in the Circulation Department of Southern Progress, a magazine publisher in Birmingham, AL. Their adventures took them to foodie places throughout B’ham and on to Auburn and Memphis.

Now, though separated by a time zone and many states, and positioned in new real jobs, the girls continue to seek out the best that their new homes of Houston, TX, and Raleigh, NC, have to offer. Whether it’s exploring a local food market, hitting up a new restaurant or having a go at a new recipe, this is their platform for food talk.

Get to know LG and Miss Em.

What’s foodstalking?: Foodstalking is finding out where your friends across the country are eating for lunch and then googling the restaurant’s website to peruse menus and pick out what they should eat. Yep. I’m shameless. Yeah, that’s classic foodstalking. But I’d expand the definition to include general food browsing on ther internet. Blogs, recipes, restaurant menus…anything that will help you plan your next eating move.
What makes you a good foodstalker?: I treat every meal as if it’s my last. I grew up in a family where we were talking about what’s for dinner at the lunch table. We also got “gold star awards” for cleaning our plates. I have a healthy appetite.
Best places to foodstalk in Houston: Dolce Vita, El Rey (it has a drive-thru!), Christian’s Totem, Indika. On my list to foodstalk: DaMarco and Oiishi.
LG should foodstalk these places in Houston: Barnaby’s, Baba Yega, t’afia, Cafe Mezza
Best places to foodstalk in Raleigh: The Pit, Sono, 518, Mez. On my list to foodstalk: Sullivan’s, 42nd Street Oyster Bar, Azitra
Miss Em should foodstalk these places in Raleigh: Lilly’s Pizza, Irregardless Cafe
Foodstalk this in Auburn: Technically not in Auburn, but The Yellowhammer (Waverly, AL) and Byron’s Smokehouse
Foodstalk this in Chapel Hill: 411, The Weathervane, Carolina Brewery, Cosmic Cantina, Crook’s Corner, Bonne Soiree
Fav. source for food info: www.myrecipes.com or www.chowhound.com | ditto plus http://www.foodnetwork.com/
Fav. (celebrity) chef: Ina Garten! Nigella Lawson, domestic goddess.
I can’t live without: Carne. Or pizza. A good burrito or spring rolls.
I could do without: MAYONNAISE. CREAM CHEESE (unless well disguised in cheesecake). COTTAGE CHEESE. And I am learning to deal with sour cream. It is a slow process…Having to chop onions.
I would pour this over any food item: Balsamic Vinegar Easy. Honey Mustard.
Go-to cookbook: Best of Cooking Light or the All-New Complete Cooking Light Cookbook My mom, Southern Living Annual Recipes 1985, Everday Food from Martha Stewart
Breakfast, lunch or dinner?: brunch! a relaxed dinner with wine
How do you like your carne?: sliced pork sandwich, mild with pickles from Byron’s It’s hard to beat an all-beef hotdog, but on the other end of the spectrum…London Broil.
Best home-cooked meal in B’ham: anything my Momma makes! Grandaddy’s meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans, biscuits and gravy, chocolate bread pudding.
Hold the…: Mayo. Duh. Extra spicy mustard please. Sprouts—useless! Or gorgonzola.
You can eat only one thing for the rest of your life. What is it?: Pizza- in any shape or form. Chinese take-out.
It’s your last supper. What’s cookin?: The veal gnocchi I recently had at Dolce Vita Carpaccio with arugula, Parmesan cheese and capers, Lemon Linguine and gelato
Baking or cooking?: Baking Cooking
Bangin’ chain restaurants: Taco Bell, Chick Fil A Chipotle, PF Changs, Five Guys
Fav. ingredient: Hmmm. Butter? Basil!
What’s your best recipe/meal to impress: Marble bars. Not fancy, but always a hit. Ravioli…pretty hands-on and time consuming, but delish.
Worst cooking disaster to date: $11 flank steak I dropped it on the kitchen floor.
Couldn’t cook without (gadget, appliance, etc): Small skillet. I use it for the things I make all the time- eggs, grilled cheese, etc. One day it will be my Viking range! A mean knife and cutting board.
If your stomach had a nationality, what would it be?: Mexican these days, but it changes. Definitely Mexican.
Fav. TV cooking show: Barefoot Contessa and No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain Probably the same—plus The Cooking Loft, The Chef Jeff Project, Top Chef and Iron Chef
Fav. snack item/candy/prepared food: Chocolate covered espresso beans or chocolate chips and peanut butter Movie theater popcorn


3 responses to “About Us

  1. For food in Auburn, I’d add Brick Oven Pizza (Mom and I had many a good pizza before or after Tiger games there) and Hamilton’s (unless they’ve slipped in recent years…we certainly had some fine meals there in your undergrad days).

    How about the category: “Foodstalk this in NOLA:”? I’ll start the ball rolling with my picks (no surprises here for LG I’m sure): Mandina’s, Acme Oyster Bar, the Coffee Pot, Bayona, and the Gumbo Shop.

  2. Can we start a special section dedicated to my love for arugula?

    Also, can I be a contributing blogger- nyc style?

  3. Word on the street is that Hamilton’s has closed. For Good. I hear that the new restaurant across the street (the old Buffalo’s) is pretty good, though…

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